Change of Consonants – Alphabet

We can make connections between words in the English language by taking a step, or two steps, in the alphabet. We already saw the example of talk and walk, two things that a baby has to learn to do early in life.


While the reverse of law is wall – some people would see law as a wall, and both of them are connected by the phonetic pair l-r with war – it is also true that by taking a step in the alphabet we can connect wall and walk (as road can be turned into door).


I mentioned that some word connections are very mundane: take, for example, bake and cake (b-c). Another word connection I like a lot is milk and skin, visually they are very connected, but here we have to combine the alphabetical pair r-s with the phonetic pairs l-r and m-n. If we eat too much, we become fat, but food is also good!


words5Heathen keeps us to the world below, nether, while heaven takes us out of time, in reverse never. World is connected with below (b-d, l-r, addition of e) and also with lower (d-e).


Opposites are often connected: north and south (n-u, r-s), east and west (alpha and omega), bitter and sweet (b-w, r-s). We can even connect left and right, using the phonetic pair l-r and then taking two steps in the alphabet, f-g-h (it is interesting that the pronunciation of “gh” in a word such as cough is precisely “f”; in a word such as bough, it is silent).


We saw that the devil would make us differ. Devil is also connected to wicked by the pairs v-w, k-l.


If again we take several steps in the alphabet, one after the other, we can connect open and eros (n-p-r-s, I am jumping the vowel o and the redundant consonant q). Eros requires us to be open, it can also lead us into error (r-s). Earth is connected with Hades (d-t, r-s), which is connected with shade (same letters) and death (s-t).


Finally, one of the most beautiful connections in the English language: word and love. If we use the phonetic pairs we talked about, l-r and v-w, we can see that a simple step in the alphabet, d-e, connects word and love. The world was created through the word, it was spoken into being, and the two words are connected (addition of l). Perhaps this is also how we should speak, with love, but it is all too easy to turn speak into spear and word into arrow or sword instead.


Can you make any connections with the following words, using an alphabetical pair?


4.0) God

4.1) other

4.2) shoot


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