The book contains eighty black-and-white photographs of stones found on the beaches of the Greek island of Ithaca, including the black-and-white photographs on this website. The texts that accompany the photographs on this website are not included in the book. The contents of the book are as follows:


List of Illustrations




01. Language: Alpha and Omega

02. Stones: Faces

03. Language: From A to I to O

04. Stones: Crosses

05. Language: The Names of God

06. Stones: Figures

07. Language: The Act of Creation

08. Stones: Scenery and Vegetation

09. Language: Chemistry

10. Stones: Creatures

11. Language: AIW

12. Stones: Ships

13. Language: The Virgin Mary

14. Stones: Symbols

15. Language: The Odyssey



Diagram of Contents

Rules for Making Word Connections

Beaches of Ithaca