Same Letters, Same Order

I think it is curious that, while we may take ourselves apart, we are still a part, or God, who is generally considered to be nowhere, may be precisely now here.


These are word connections made between words of the same letters, in the same order.


Let us look at two ways of viewing the future – what I am going to do, and what we can do together. The first, what I am going to do, is made up of the pronoun I and the auxiliary will, which can be contracted to I’ll. The second, what we can do together, can be contracted to we’ll. If we remove the apostrophe, we have ill and well. This might make us want to reflect on our own individualism.



Now for pairs of words that are not spelt the same, but have the same pronunciation: heel and sole. This is the act of walking. When we walk, we press down with our heel and then move forwards on to the sole of our foot. This is what we do in life, we walk. One of the first things a baby must do is learn how to walk (and how to talk, two words that are separated by only a few steps in the alphabet, but I’m getting ahead of myself…). We walk when we are on a pilgrimage. Perhaps this can tell us something about the purpose of our lives: to heal our soul.


Finally, we can double a letter, so that the letters are still the same, but one is doubled. God is good, for example. These words do not have the same origin, they derive from different languages according to the English dictionary, but language would tell us that God is good (and, by the simple addition of a letter, the devil is evil).


Can you make any connections with the following words?


0.0) passion

0.1) Pharisee

0.2) profit


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