The book Stones Of Ithaca (2019) contains eighty black-and-white photographs of stones found on the beaches of the Greek island of Ithaca, including the black-and-white photographs on this website. The texts that accompany the photographs in the book are not the same as the texts on this website. Feedback on the book can be left on the Feedback page of this website. The contents of the book are as follows:


List of Illustrations



01. Language: Alpha and Omega

02. Stones: Faces

03. Language: From A to I to O

04. Stones: Crosses

05. Language: The Names of God

06. Stones: Figures

07. Language: The Act of Creation

08. Stones: Scenery and Vegetation

09. Language: Chemistry

10. Stones: Creatures

11. Language: AIW

12. Stones: Ships

13. Language: The Virgin Mary

14. Stones: Symbols

15. Language: The Odyssey


Diagram of Contents

Rules for Making Word Connections

Beaches of Ithaca