Entry into Jerusalem

While sitting on the beaches of the Greek island of Ithaca, we came across stones that seemed to have drawings on them, like this one. Here I see a figure riding a donkey, next to a rocky outcrop, with a cross in the sky. It seems to me to be a representation of the Entry into Jerusalem, a feast celebrated a week before Easter, on Palm Sunday, to commemorate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem a few days before his crucifixion and resurrection, when the people hailed him as the Son of God and laid palms in front of his path. He was riding a donkey. Is it possible that creation might somehow wish to reflect its Creator? Are these drawings here by chance, is it my imagination, or do simple beach stones contain a kind of language, signs that would tell us the story of creation?


Meanwhile, in language, I am struck by the word LIVE. The reverse of LIVE is EVIL, and this is certainly one choice open to us in this life. But if we imagine that the letter I, which represents the ego in English, is a number, 1, we can count down from 1 to 0, and turn LIVE into LOVE. This is the other choice open to us. LIVE-EVIL-LOVE.

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