Theological English (Video Course)

A series of sixteen short talks by Jonathan Dunne on the physical and spiritual make-up of the English language and what words can tell us about our ancestry, the creation of the world, the meaning of existence and the higher being called God.

Videos (0)-(2) serve as an introduction and look at the line, which resembles a closed eye and can be seen in the ego (I) and the number 1, and at the conundrum of how the Trinity can be “three in one”. Videos (3)-(11) are the course proper and show how to make word connections in the English language, how to access the spiritual meaning of words. The course finishes with four additional videos, (12)-(15), which look at paradox, the importance of “believe” in the Gospels, the Names of God, and how the progression AIO – from the creation through the Fall to repentance/realization – can be found between words and in words, in the fabric of our being.

To access the videos, please use the drop-down menu “Theological English (Video Course)” above! The videos are also available to watch on Vimeo and YouTube.

These talks are based on the content of Jonathan’s book Seven Brief Lessons on Language and on the series of articles available to read on this website “Word in Language”.