Here you can find out information about some of the beautiful waterfalls there are in Bulgaria and how to reach them. Many of these waterfalls can be visited in a day from major towns such as Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo. Some of the waterfalls have their own name, but here I name them after the nearest village. Use the drop-down menu ‘Waterfalls’ above or click on the photo/name of the waterfall below.

The best time to visit waterfalls in Bulgaria is the second half of April and the first half of May, immediately after the snow melts, which means the water flow is at its strongest. As the summer advances, the water flow gradually decreases, until becoming a trickle in the autumn. However, waterfalls are usually in beautiful places. Autumn, with its autumnal colours, and winter, with its snow and ice, have their own attractions!

Aleko (10 km south of Sofia)
Bov (50 km north of Sofia)
Chavdar (70 km east of Sofia)
Dobravitsa (50 km north of Sofia)
Hristo Danovo (130 km east of Sofia)
Ovchartsi (75 km south of Sofia)
Polska Skakavitsa (80 km south-west of Sofia)
Emen (30 km north-west of Veliko Tarnovo)
Hotnitsa (20 km north-west of Veliko Tarnovo)
Kapinovo-Ruhovtsi (20 km/45 km south-east of Veliko Tarnovo)
Vishovgrad (35 km north-west of Veliko Tarnovo)