Not all drawings are overtly religious in content. This seems to show a ship in the foreground with three masts that has been washed ashore, a shipwreck perhaps. You can see the curve of the bay behind it. It is quite common for stones to reflect the landscape of which they are a part, so there are sea views, boats, fishermen, vegetation… My wife says the stone has a face. All stones appear to have a face. Other objects too, though sometimes the face only becomes apparent after a while.


Meanwhile, in language, opposites are not always so different. Let us look at “east-west”. These two words may seem to be completely different until we take away the three letters they have in common, “est”, and are left with “a” and “w”, or Alpha and Omega. Alpha and Omega is a name of God, the beginning and the end. Yes, but surely this is just a coincidence? All things are coincidences, happening together. Let us look at “north-south”. Again, they are connected by an alphabetical pair (r-s) and by a physical pair, a pair of letters that resemble each other (n-u, one being an upturned version of the other). So things we think are far apart may not be so far apart, as the word indicates (a part).

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