Thick-Billed Bird

There is a quite remarkable bird perched on the right of this stone, with a thick bill. What impresses me about this stone are the thick, charcoal-like lines. A face looms out of the central part of the stone (again the thick, charcoal lines). To the left is a sea with dotted islands and, above it, another face points upwards, but it is the bird with its thick bill that draws our attention, perched on white, the different parts of the drawing emphasized by meandering cracks in the stone.


Meanwhile, in language, that white space continues to attract my attention, spiritual elevation through purification, we must cultivate silence, not fill our surroundings with bits of ourselves, noise, loud laughter. Silence, when allowed, grows and gives understanding. The letters of “silent” rearranged spell “listen” – to listen to the other, we must be silent in ourselves. The letters of “silence” rearranged (with a shift in the vowels) give “cleanse”. So is this what silence does, it cleanses us? It also makes us “sincere” (phonetic pair l-r). The white space that takes over, just for a while, and makes us whole again.

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