Bow and Ship

This is one of only three Odysseus stones I have found on the beaches of Ithaca. They are not so … More


A face is essentially two eyes to see with, a mouth to breathe, eat and speak with, a nose to … More

Flowering Cross

This stone is one of many crosses. Crosses and faces are the most common drawings to appear on stones. Two … More


I see here the figure of a pilgrim putting one foot in front of the other, heading westwards perhaps, a … More

Twin Peaks

On this stone found on the beaches of Ithaca, we can see twin peaks, perhaps with snow on them, and … More

Outline of Fish

In this drawing of a fish, the fish, whose eye is just visible, is surrounded by a marked line. This … More


Not all drawings are overtly religious in content. This seems to show a ship in the foreground with three masts … More

Entry into Jerusalem

While sitting on the beaches of the Greek island of Ithaca, we came across stones that seemed to have drawings … More