Cross under Tree

This is one of my favourite stones, and it was found on a beach under the shade of the trees, … More


After the figures of a pilgrim (heel-sole) and a tightrope walker, here we have the figure of a skier, also … More

House on Hill

House at the Top of the Hill. Little House on the Prairie. This house seems to have come out of … More

Thick-Billed Bird

There is a quite remarkable bird perched on the right of this stone, with a thick bill. What impresses me … More

Three-Masted Ship

On this stone, to the left, I see a cross in the air, a kind of lamp post, and below … More

Flared Nostrils

What is this face with its white border, furrowed lines and flared nostrils? Its mountain or triangle, with a spade … More

Swimming Cross

I call this stone a “swimming cross”. Next to the main cross, which has a road leading up to it, … More

Tightrope Walker

Here we have a tightrope walker walking the line of life, the thread that connects our first breath and our … More